Saturday, February 26, 2011

90s Dream

I'm not sure why it's happening, except that I know it is. Maybe it's because of the awesome selection in thrift shops and vintage stores. Maybe it's the pattern mixing and pastels of the S/S11 runways. Or maybe it's just because I'm in this angsty "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up" phase. Regardless, the 90s have slowly but surely become the primary influence on my style again, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Almost unilaterally, people look back on the 90s and cringe. Everyone was sporting the Rachel, everyone wore butterfly clips, everyone wore Modrobes. There were bucket hats with the brims pinned up, overalls, dark lipstick with pale complexions, platformed flip flops and sneakers. Everyone smelled like CK One or Tommy Girl.

But now, I found this Northern Getaway sweater, and it's a really pretty Fair Isle pattern in pinks and blues and cream. And it's all cotton, so not only is it in the perfect spring palette, but it's the perfect spring weight. And my penchant for baby doll dresses and floral prints isn't exactly anything new. And I guess I just dyed some of my hair blue.

Maybe this is where I was always headed. Maybe I was always destined to end up back where I started. Maybe I'm stuck in some awful infinity loop where the 90s are my sartorial touchstone and I'll default back every decade or so.

Regardless, it's here. I'm embracing it while it lasts. But I'm begging you, in friendship, to please stop me before I grab the acid green crushed velvet minidress. I don't know that I could recover from that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Screen grabs from Funny Girl

    These are all the performers in Ziegfeld Follies. Look at the outfits!! I also love old fashioned train stations.

This was a purple cape that she wore over a purple dress, the night that Fanny and Nick finally got together. (On a red velvet couch! In the dining room!)

    Ummm..... dream date.

    Dramatically showing off her engagement ring in her new bedroom. 

In general, I didn't love the movie. It was definitely too long, and Fanny (played by Streisand) is not an easy character to watch for 2.5 hours. That being said, I could not resist the over-the-top styling. The colours, the characters, the outfits, the settings, were all entirely colourful. Could not resist capturing these moments to share. Let a bit of '60s camp into your lives!

Notes on being alone, from someone who is never alone

I’ve been all alone this weekend. My BF is out town, and our foster cat just found a new home. I’ve been practicing for the possibility of living alone next September, and though a weekend might not seem like a long time, it’s the longest I’ve spent by myself in ages.

I’ve been so productive in the past 48 hours! I’ve cleaned my room, taken my laundry to the new cute laundromat around the corner, watched the spinning clothes while drinking a cappuccino from the cafĂ© across the street, listened to side A of Ladies of the Canyon about a hundred times, watched all of season 6 of the Golden Girls, made lots of tea, walked home a different way, slept really really well, went out with a coworker to see Somewhere, stolen a few of Amanda’s stuffed-shell leftovers from the fridge at 3 a.m., and seen and talked to friends who I miss a lot. I’ve been sad, but it feels good to be doing things that I enjoy. In an effort to not feel sorry for myself I have gone out of my way to do tasks that I normally can’t find the time for. It feels like the days are longer.

The whole weekend has had this almost-romantic quality about it. I’ve always coveted the idea of living alone (all of these dreams include owning a cat), but I don’t know how long my resolve to be proactive and clean would last. I’ve been busy but I haven’t even heard my own voice yet today.

Above are some pictures from my weirdly wonderful weekend. We’ll see what happens in September, but at the very least, I’ll have a cat in the house.