Friday, September 30, 2011

Creativity and Project Runway

Hey guys, I'm going to wrap up this week by sharing my contribution to Vive Magazine's blog this week. I wrote it sleep-stoned at 1 AM after blitzing episodes of Project Runway to catch up after my week off, and in the cool light of day, I still stand by every word.

Everything I Learned About Creativity, I Learned from Project Runway
Everyone has to start somewhere. 
Currently, Project Runway’s in its ninth season and it is still one of my favourite shows, just as it has been since season one. It’s one of the few shows I actually care enough about to keep up with on a weekly basis, and I credit it entirely with my having any sort of vocabulary for fashion. 
Before Project Runway (BPR?), my world was a dark place, filled with simple phrases like “it’s pretty!” or “I don’t like that colour.” I had some sense of taste, but I had no idea how to articulate any of the particulars of it. Project Runway was the first experience I ever had with a critical vocabulary when it came to fashion. 
I’m truly amazed by the skill of the contestants on the show – to see something in your mind’s eye and execute it under the gun (Tim Gunn, that is, hyuk) is really quite the magic trick. I usually watch the show and feel like I need to be doing something with my hands; knitting, cooking, or even tidying up. It’s inspiring to see creative people work. It’s inspiring to see things being made. 
But more important than the successes are the failures. The looks that had just as much time and care put into them but didn’t quite work. Sure, it makes for great reality TV when Michael and Nina get to spit vitriol at shabbily made clothes, but more importantly, it forces us to confront failure. To develop a vocabulary around WHY something doesn’t work. It helps us figure out what does. 
There’s also something wonderful when you see designers pick themselves up from the bottom three and defend their aesthetic. There’s something so fierce, so brave about that kind of creativity, and I in no way mean in a Tyra sense. There’s something very nourishing about watching that, as a creator of things and as an admirer of created things. 
So Project Runway, a show about clothes, is really a show about much more – just as fashion is. At its best, a great runway show never limited to gut reactions – it’s challenging, exciting, delicious and disappointing. It’s the fruits of human creativity, and it plants seeds in all who care to look a little closer. 
Without Project Runway, I probably would never have known what princess seams were, or how a muslin works, or what pushes something into the realm of haute couture. And I’m so glad that a generous example like Project Runway exists, where I can safely learn the art of critique, construction and creativity – safely, without being Auf’d myself.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and get yourself both into and out of a few satisfying creative tangles.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Detroit Thrift Finds

As promised, here are some pics of the gems I picked up in the D this past weekend. You've got to go! But I won't go so far as to tell you where to go... I'm pretty protective of my secret shopping centres. You could also just ask me in person.

I can't resist a lacy top. I already have like 4, but this one was from the Queens section. (Queens=plus size.) I had to have it.

This boxy top buttons all the way up the back! And isn't black! (I own too much black.)

This is a silky shirt dress that I'm gonna shorten, and it's gonna look less like a nightgown than it does in this pic.  (Hi Penny!)

Awesome for the summertime.

No, that's not dandruff, it's tiny little gold beads that were painstakingly sewn onto this soft lambswool sweater.
Wool winter coat, with a hood! 

And the piece de resistance, these faux suede wedges from Target—obviously not thrifted. They have a peep toe and like a 4-inch wedge, and I haven't yet mastered walking in them but I soon will.

Two awesome fashion-related links: 
  • My new favourite tumblr, runway shows of the 1990s
  • My friend Dan has been making some awesome Toronto street style videos, and one of them features (quickly, natch) Amanda's main squeeze! Check 'em out

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cool Cat

Dan and I went to Detroit this past weekend, and I knew I'd miss Penelope so much that I started filming her the night before we left. Here is my favourite video of her... I won't tell you how many times I watched this video while we were gone.

And here are some sun-drenched pics of the city that I took while we were there...

And, you lucky people, tomorrow I'll show you a few thrift finds I got. Secret that's no longer a secret: the suburbs of Detroit is the best thrifting I've come across so far.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nail Review: CND Shellac Manicure

So I got my nails did two weeks ago to the day. I usually don't get mani-pedis done even though I like my nails looking fly for two reasons: 1) I'm cheap, and 2) I like the way I do my nails better than anyone else. But because I had a FabFind certificate, was going away for a week, and can be a little compulsive about chips and snags (read: former nail biter), I decided to upgrade my game and get a CND Shellac manicure.


For those of you not in the know, CND Shellac is a newish nail process that features a a gel hybrid nail polish cured by UV light. It results in a very glossy finish that can last up to 2 weeks. It's similar to OPI's Axxium, but is generally considered a bit gentler (Axxium is a true gel, which means it lasts longer but is harder to remove). I was actually going to go with Axxium at first, as the range of colours is more extensive (see here) and a hardier wear appeals to my soft nails, but a few friends preferred Shellac and the manicurist said she liked it better, so I went with the crowd.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mixtape: Mouse Ear Swagger

So I'm back! I survived the wonderful world of Walt Disney, and made it back with a heap of great memories, delightful photos, and a lot more freckles. No seriously, my freckles have freckles.

Homegirl G and me, post-Tower of Terror ride

Getting that last blast of 35 degree weather was a nice swan song for summer, and after the week I had just before leaving, I needed a good, relaxing vacation (emergency stays and last minute changes and work overloads, oh my!)

Memory lane

When I get a chance to catch my breath, I'll do a followup to the rules for doing Disney right, but for now, here's our mixtape for the trip. There's a lot of sugary pop, a lot of cool jamz, and a lot of good ol' fashioned fun. You'll recognize many songs from my 6 tracks to rot your brain to post from a while back, but what can I say—I don't like to challenge myself musically that often, and now you can rot your brain on the road. Just go with it bros, download and enjoy away.

1. Two of Us – The Beatles
2. Party in the U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus
3. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry
4. What Ever Happened – The Strokes
5. Gucci Gucci – Kreayshawn
6. Moves like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera) – Maroon 5
7. Touch the Sky – Kanye West
8. Gotta Have It – Kanye West & Jay-Z
9. Hypnotize U – N.E.R.D.
10. Too Close – Next
11. Ignition (Remix) – R. Kelly
12. Inside Out – Britney Spears
13. Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z) – Rihanna
14. E.T. – Katy Perry
15. Power – Kanye West
16. Why I Love You (feat. Mr. Hudson) – Kanye West & Jay-Z
17. Rocket Man – Elton John
18. Laura – Ricky Nelson

(I got the album artwork image here.)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York, Chanel Polish, Asparagus Salad

A couple things that I've wanted to share with you lately...

1. Amanda told me about this movie months ago and I've only now gotten around to watching the trailer. This is a MUST SEE and legitimizes all of my interests and fantasies. Don't you just want to give this man a hug? Let's all watch this and drink cocktails and wear pretty clothes.

2. I recently splurged on Chanel nail polish (serious, crazy splurge) after watching this video on (shoutout! Sorry, I can't help it. It's just my life lately.) Let. Me. Tell. You. This polish is about 3x the price of any other that I've ever bought, and it's about 10x better in quality. It is super thin and goes on really smooth. I swear, it doesn't even chip like normal polish. I feel like I just found out this wonderful secret, that sometimes you seriously get what you pay for... and if you buy less polish then you can spend more on what you get. (Can you tell I'm trying to make myself feel better?)

3. After pouring over the latest Kinfolk magazine, I made an asparagus salad with pine nuts and Parmesan for a potluck last night. I couldn't help myself after watching the sweet video. I am a sucker for these things. It helps that it's cheap and totally light and delicious.

4. I've only watched one of their videos so far, but watch the tutorial below and try to convince me that you don't want to be a kooky fashion lady when you are older.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Your Favourite Memory

I'm thinking a lot lately about how a little bit of positive thinking goes a long way. It can get you through a sardine-can commute to and from work, watching the sun go down earlier and earlier each day, constantly feeling broke... (I could go on and on, but POSITIVE THINKING! I just wanted to give you all some examples.)

That's why this video got my attention. The act of thinking about your favourite memory can go so far as to change your way of thinking and therefore change your mood, and your day, and the way you treat people.

Doesn't that just give you the warm fuzzies inside? Now go have a good day and be nice to people.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sorry about the hiatus!

We have both had a very hectic last few days, but we promise to return to our regularly scheduled blogging once Monday rolls around! Have a great relaxing weekend!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Things That Add Happiness

I am going to go ahead and answer Amanda's question that she posed at the end of her post yesterday.

"What little things add happiness to your life?"

because whether you are perfectly, serenely happy, stressed out beyond belief, or a bit of both with an additional "Oh, so this is what real life is like!" like I am right now, it's good to remind yourself of what is important to you and what makes you smile. 

  • This song by Blouse. It's called Videotapes and it's like being in a dream, specifically a dream that looks like this movie with Catherine Denueve that I'm dying to see. The Blouse album comes out in November and I can't wait to get it. 

Cat Party
  • The album's Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young. I am grateful that this man exists and that he is making music. Every album that I listen to by him transports me to another place.

  • Good, strong coffee. A latte or a cappuccino while I'm sitting at my desk in the afternoon. 

  • Making and/or eating really good food. Dan has become an expert at making pasta sauces lately, and we've been trying so many. We had an incredible dinner at Origin last weekend, thanks to Tyler and Erin, that I will never forget. If you go, get everything from the Mozzarella Bar. 

  • Good friends, especially ones that you love but you don't see nearly as much as you want to. I have incredible friends that I see maybe once a month, and I always miss them.

  • Pole. (Pronounced pole-eh.) This is a term in Swahili that means I'm sorry, but in a way that sympathizes with the person you are saying it to. Like "I'm sorry that happened to you." I can't think of an easy English equivalent to that, but I think if more people said pole we would all be much more caring and empathetic. Thanks, Mar, for introducing me to this word.

  • Braiding my hair. Do I really need to explain this any further?

A, have a great time and take lots of pics. We'll miss you!

Monday, September 12, 2011

On Going Away

I'm off to Disney with my main homie in just three days' time (iieeee!), but mixed in with the excitement of it all, I'm feeling something rather unexpected.

I feel like I'm not ready. I have two mornings and three afternoons and three evenings left until we fly away, and it seems like too short a time. Yes, I have a lot to do between now and then, but it makes me sad to think this'll be three days of prepwork and I'd rather just be enjoying my life, because I've been enjoying it so much lately.

I love my little apartment and the way the light comes in our living room windows. I love my boyfriend, and the way our lives and days intertwine, and how we watch Louie and Breaking Bad together in bed. I love my little dog who is such a welcome companion at my heels, and walking him down the laneway by our house. I love my friends, who I feel so lucky to eat lunches with and knit with and watch bad TV with and get messy drunk with.

I love the ideas I've been having, the projects I've been collaborating on, the writing I've been doing. I love afternoons at my parents' house and Sunday night dinners. I love the book I'm reading right now and I've finally found a lace pattern I love working on. I love my favourite lunch burrito spot and the indian place down the block and the patio of the Victory Cafe.

So yes, I'm looking forward to a break, and to a few days' worth of hedonism and guilt-free relaxing. But this slight reluctance is a nice reminder that I don't need to go to the happiest place of earth to find happiness – I'm lucky enough to find it in my life, every day.

What little things add happiness to your life?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rachel Comey Gets Bumby'd

Like most others, if you've heard of Rachel Comey before, it's because of her fabulously popular footwear. (If not, you can peep them here!) I've been a fan for a few seasons now, and her SS12 show at NYFW yesterday really blew me away. However, I've written about a runway show once before, and I'd like to give those who are not-so-fashion-minded a bit more to go on.

An anonymous performance-art duo, called The Bumbys, were asked by the Cut to craft responses to some of the upcoming shows, and their response to Comey's spectacular show is pretty spectacular in itself.

the Cut

Somewhere between coloured water, easels on Manhattan rooftops, and gin and tonics, I fell in love. It's short and sweet, it's fun, and mostly importantly, it's different. I have no idea whether their information is true or completely made up, but it excites my imagination, and stands out in the multitudes of runway-show reviews that I've been reading lately. You can read more about them here.

I'll update the blog with the rest of the reviews written by The Bumbys as they surface.

Also, if you are so inclined, check out some of my other faves so far: Vena Cava, Sachin + Babi, and Steven Alan, and from Montreal Fashion Week, Barila (whose photos are not yet up).


the Cut

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Do Disney World

In one week's time, I'll be heading down Florida-way with my chief ride-or-die homegirl, Gillian, to the happiest place on earth. Yes, we're headed to Disney World, and there's no one in the world I'd rather do it with. We first went just after graduation (four years ago! My, how time flies), and had such a blast that we plan on making it a tradition.

But there are rules to doing Disney right. See, G and I are dead-set on maximizing our fun, and we're equipped with a plan. Last time we went was pretty spectacular, but this time, we've got the code down pat. So I've invited her infinite wisdom to help me collect the rules and prep for our 6 days of magic.

G: Don't worry if you don't like kids. I don't much care for children. I find them obnoxious and smelly and loud and lame. The awesome thing about Disney World is that kids are almost absent from my entire experience. Kids like shit like character meetings, parades, and leaving a park after two hours because they're "overstimulated." If you avoid these things (like any self-respecting childfree adult), you're in the clear. Also, the children you do see at Disney World tend to be happy and occupied, so they're at least 30% less annoying than they are in your neighbourhood. Bonus: If you stay at a Moderate to Deluxe level resort, you will barely encounter small children at all.

A: Get snap happy.
 This is no time to be a classy tourist – consider it a challenge to fill your camera's memory card. When I went to Paris, I took only pictures on film with my medium format Holga – fine for Paris, but a tragedy for Disney. You want pictures of yourselves soaked after Splash Mountain. You want pictures of yourselves attempting to finish huge ice cream cones. You want pictures of yourselves posing with the themed statues. And you definitely want a picture of yourselves in front of Cinderella's Castle. Whenever I'm feeling a bit low, I look at the pictures from our last trip and feel like I'm shooting up Vitamin D.

G: Write down all the crazy shit you observe. Amanda and I have some solid memories from our first trip in 2007 – for example, a morbidly obese 40-something woman with a teetering tray full of food shouting, "I got yer chicken strips, Scooter!" across a crowded Colonial-themed quick service restaurant. One can only hope she was addressing her son Scooter, and not a lover of the same name. Oh lord, we have memories! But I get sad when I contemplate all the gems we've lost to the passage of time. This time, I'll be bustin' out a notebook on the regular so every tableaux of Life in Modern America is catalogued and archived.

A: Have a soundtrack. I can't stress the importance of this enough. You know how you can hear a certain song and it transports you back to a particular time in your life? You want music that makes you feel that way about Disney World. For me, that includes Elton John's "Rocket Man", Kanye's "Touch the Sky" and the Beatles' "Two of Us". They were all on our original mix, and every time I hear those songs, I feel like I'm on vacation. This is especially important for G because she really hates flying – during takeoff, we play the mix, hold hands, and cruise on south.

G: You should – nay, you MUST – go in the off season. Not only can you get a free dining plan and afford a nicer hotel, but you will spend less time in lines. The best time of year to go is late August/early September, when US schoolchildren are already back in the classroom. No kids! And the kids that are there are better behaved. The type of parent negligent enough to take their kid out of the first or second week of school is totes crazy enough to tell their kid to shut the fuck up in the line for Space Mountain.

A: Disney ain't for dieting. Especially if you're dining on Disney's dime (with your well-timed free dining plan). You get a free pass. Go hogwild. And make sure to bundle two of your regular dinners for one of the signature dinners so you get a fancy night out. Our fave is an evening at Narcoossee's so we can spring for a nice bottle of wine and get Surf 'n Turf while we watch the fireworks burst over the castle.

G: If you never went as a child, best believe you'll have fun as an adult. You need to take the risk (as my homegirl Amanda did when I begged her to make a BFF trip after we graduated university) and trust that Disney World is just as (if not MORE) magical as an adult. Think about it: you're choosing your travelling companion, you can drink your way across the nations of Epcot's World Showcase, and you are better able to appreciate all the wack shit going on. Besides, when you have children, they will ruin Disney for you. They will constantly want to go to the bathroom and buy shit and spill things and cry, and that will totally cramp your style. Enjoy Disney with a ride-or-die homie while you have the chance, which leads me to...

G: Only go with someone you're ride-or-die with. This is serious. I once heard Holly Madison say on a Girls Next Door DVD commentary track that she felt like you couldn't truly know her unless you'd been to Disney with her. Not only did I realize that Holly and I are soultwins, but I would go one further. If you aren't a BFF I'd want to grow old with in some Golden Girls-type arrangement or full-on wifey material, I am not going to Disney World with you. And you should have the same parameters. Going to Disney is like going to Heaven or Atlantis. Would you want to look back on your trip to Atlantis (the mythical place, not the horrendously tacky Bahamian resort) and think, "Oh yeah. I was there with that girl I met through [insert ridiculous 20-something hobby you'll have since abandoned in favour of TV] who only wanted to talk about her gluten allergy"? No, you do not. Don't taint a magical experience with anyone other that your A-Team.

A: Challenge yourself. This year, I'm going to do the Tower of Terror. I'm going to do it. There's no way I can back out. Even though it combines two of my least favourite things – ghosts and that awful stomach-dropping feeling – I can't NOT do it this year. I wussed out last time and have regretted it ever since. If G can face her fear of flying to get down to the Magic Kingdom, I can do a ride that sticky-faced 7 year olds can manage. But that being said...

A: Don't challenge yourself too much. Take it easy. Feeling hot? Feeling run down? Go back to your room and take a nap. This ain't no marathon – this is vacation, and vacation's about feeling good. The last time we went, G ended up getting really sick, so we upped our relaxin': early evenings back at the hotel room, a couple trips out to the drug store, late morning sleep-ins. The one day we stuck it out was our Epcot day and as a compromise, I ended up pushing Gill around in a wheelchair. It was probably the least fun day of the trip, but a so-so day in Disney is still an awesome day by real world standards. We ended up with sweet pictures and I ended up with slightly more toned arms.

Taking it easy also includes rolling with the punches – don't get worked up over dumb stuff. The lineup's really long at the Haunted Mansion? Then grab a fast pass and wait out the clock on It's a Small World. Family in front of you being assholes? You'll never have to see them again in 10 minutes' time. Feeling like you need some alone time? Then say so and go read in a hammock for a bit. Predict your needs so you stay chill, and keep hydrated. It helps if you've chosen your Disney companion well and they are similarly even-tempered.

G: Buy an ear hat. Trust me, this will add to your experience. If you're not wearing an ear hat, you haven't fully given yourself to the experience. A part of you is still holding back thinking, "What will all these people think of me and my best friend, both women in our 20s without kids, arm in arm, each holding giant ice creams in our hands and wearing mouse ears on our heads?" Answer: Take a look around. You are surrounded by fellow nerds looking to have a good time. It's time to go full retard. The experience of being around a bunch of other adults who are all geeking out about being at Disney World is akin to waiting in line for a new Apple product on opening day. There is an immediate familiarity among everyone in the group. Even if you aren't super into iWhatevers, you know that these are your people. Also, the hats are a classic. Not only will you own a piece of classic Americana, but you can start a creepy collection of the hats you get with each visit. (Note: A collection of any kind is advanced level Disney shit.)

Love you girl! Just one week!

Do you do Disney?
Got any tips or things we have to try?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tavi's Rookie: Important Things We Can Learn From Teenagers

I won't even pretend to think that all teen girls are as intelligent, enlightened, and seemingly confident as Tavi Gevinson, but I think we can all learn a lot from this little bite-sized tot. Rookie Mag launched earlier this week, and it you haven't already you need to check it out now.

One article in particular that's been posted, written by Tavi herself, really struck me. It's called "Getting Over Girl Hate," and it deals with an issue that I am incredibly guilty of. By the way, if we are friends, even acquaintances, and you are a female, I have been jealous of you at some point.

This is a diagram she drew, explaining how women are taught to hate each other. A bit of an exaggeration, but comical to say the least.

This is something that seems to come naturally to me, and as the article argues, to society in general: when I see or meet a cool, pretty, stylish, smart girl my first reaction is "I hate her." My close-second reaction, however, at least in more recent years, has been "I want to be her friend." It's a pretty real struggle, because I have met a lot of really incredible girls in the last few years, and kept friendships with others for many years. I, at some point, realized that these feelings came from a place of insecurity and not any real animosity. It's nice to be able to take a step back and use my energy not to hate on these girls, but to join them in their awesomeness. Having friendships with other women is one of the most liberating and inspiring parts of my life; you can learn from each other, teach each other, work together, and generally be better because of each other.

It'll do you all good to read the article here. This is a multi-generational lesson that will benefit every woman, no matter her age.

So thanks, Tavi, for reminding me that you kids are alright. I am proud of you for being so ahead of the game, and embracing the importance of female relationships.

all images are screengrabs from

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top Three Reasons to Get Excited About Fall

I'm not going to coddle you: we both know fall is on its way.


I've noticed something lately, that every time fall is mentioned in conversation, people tense up. They get defensive. They start saying things like, "I'm not ready!" or "Noooo, not yet!" And trust me, I get it. I'm someone who is not the hugest fan of cold weather, being one of those folks who can never get warm anyway, and has to be convinced to go outside on even the clearest, brightest of days.

But guys! We have so much to look forward to! Fire up your engines, and let's start getting excited about the cooldown.

We have it good this year, folks. Colour, colour everywhere; patterns on whatever you please; comfortable, easy, long, loose shapes; loafers, brogues and booties. Like, seriously, you're not the least bit excited? We get to wear LAYERS again! And shoes with socks! And sweaters and scarves! And TIGHTS! You remember tights, don't you? Oh god, I can't wait to start wearing inappropriate skirts again with impunity because of tights. Plus coats! I know, right now your skin recoils at the thought, but that moment when you put on your favourite coat is like getting a hug from an old friend. Maybe you'll even find money in your pocket! Isn't that the best? I was recently thinking about my inspirations for fall dressing, and I'm so happy to wear real clothes again.

Fall foods are so my jam. Quite literally – jam is totally a fall food, with it being canning season (har-dee har). But no, in all seriousness, do you know how much I've missed homemade mac n cheese? Or chili? Or stew? I am such a comfort food person and summer foods, while refreshing, never feel entirely substantial. Nor does your house smell delicious in the same way, where dinner bubbles away enticingly on the stove for hours.

And we get apples back! Fresh apples, and apple ciders and baked goods too. And tea! Hot, strong tea in flavours that just aren't right for summer – spicy chais and chocolaty blends. Fall also brings back the seasonal dinner feasts – Thanksgiving's just around the corner (for us Canucks anyway) – and with that, we get turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Hot damn.

Indoor Activities
I'm an indoor kid, through and through. Like, seriously, I'm a writer. We aren't bred to be outdoor kids – we read books, enjoy comfortable surroundings, spend a good many years intensely introspective, and get sunburned really fast. We're really good at the internet, and have absorbed many movies, TV shows, comics, books, art and other things. These are my people.

Cold weather is perfect for that! Seriously, you get to hang out inside all the time! Your friends will just want to hang out inside too! (Well, except for those people who enjoy outdoor activities, like skiing and stuff – I'm just glad you have each other.) You'll be comfy at room temperature and doing fun things, like playing games, crafting, drinking and making out!  You'll get to catch up on those TV series you've been putting off, or finally making a dent in your to-watch list of Criterion flicks. You'll get to knit wooly, soft, lofty things again. You'll get to curl up under blankets and cuddle with people you love.

Added bonus: people don't say things like, "whoa, do you ever leave the house?" to your pale, daywalker self. NO, I use SUNBLOCK, assholes.

Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm also excited because we don't have air conditioning and my boyfriend and I will finally be able to wear clothes inside the house. And because I've been writing about fall for work all summer and have had a crazy craving for pumpkin pie since June (that is too long to wait for pie!)
What are you most excited about for fall?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Calling in a four day weekend!

Laura and I wish you the happiest, luckiest, summeriest long weekend imaginable.
Fingers crossed for great weather, comfortably loose plans,
midday brunches, park hangouts, and good vibrations.

Come back next week;
same bat time, same bat channel.

(If you haven't heard this before, you've just got to take a listen.)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today's Syllabus

Hey, September already? That is too real, man. I'm awfully glad I'm not heading back to school anytime soon, because then this would be devastating news. But I thought I'd share a few things on my radar, so consider this your reading list for today. It's like just like school, but fun!

Do You Suffer from Decision Fatigue? from the New York Times. Essentially, we have a finite amount of self-control, so as the day progresses and you have made more choices, you're more likely to get reckless or or lackadaisical about your options. This explains why last night, I got two cartons of ice cream instead of just one (but how can ANYONE be expected to decide between caramel cups and pumpkin pie, huh??)

Meet The Mollys!
 from the New York Observer. An interesting piece on online phenoms, Mollys Lambert, McAleer and Young, and the writing style they've come to epitomize.

How to Be the Luckiest Person from Think Simple Now. It just takes telling yourself, daily, that you are the luckiest person in the world. Embrace gratitude, embrace positive energy, and good things will follow. I have to remember to do this more often.

For extra credit, play around with this cool new recipe finder, Gojee. Type in what you're craving and it suggests recipes for you. Beautifully designed and it streams its recipes from a bunch of great food bloggers. You can even add in what you don't like or what you already have in your fridge, and it'll get to know you better over time.

Good job, guys. Now enjoy yourselves.