Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Earth Girls are Easy

I realized my jewellery box is growing stuffed with celestial goodies lately. What better way to show them off than to take them out a parsec? (Via Photobooth, of course – who do you take me for, Lance Bass?)

These little gems from Big Tinsel are brand new to me – in fact, they were hand-delivered by their maker, Maria, just this past weekend (such service!). I can tell already these lightweight lovelies will be a staple in my regular rotation. If you'd like your own pair, move fast! They're on clearance and worth all 600 pennies.

What a space cadet I am here, but seriously, that Vulcan pose took all my concentration. This cuff is a neat find I got at Catbird in Brooklyn, a site I'd admired a long time online and was so excited to stumble on during my trip in June. You'll be spoiled for choice but I was taken by this Astrological Cuff by Julie Nolan – it's got my astrological constellation (Leo) drilled through the brushed brass. Here's a better shot, from Julie's Etsy shop.

You can really see how the brushed treatment makes it extra sparkly, just what you need for a little celestial magic. You can also see I'm wearing my new favourite pinky ring, which is really just a little ring of plumbing brass I got for 40 cents. Yes, I do my jewelry shopping at the hardware store too – earth girls are earthy too, I guess.

Hey look ma, no hands in space! This one is my absolute favourite piece right now – I've been wearing it every other day at least, and find it gives just enough structure to those shapeless sack dresses I've been living in this summer. It's from designers Ax & Apple and I got it at delicious gallery/shop Magic Pony (an indulgence only made possible because of a gift card from helping out on my boyfriend's film shoot). It was inspired by armor designs and gives a grounding space to those airier, soft structured looks I wear so often. It doesn't look like Magic Pony carries it anymore, but they've got a few other similar pieces and A&A has ones left on their site (and they offer it in steel too! Oooohhh...)

Last but not least, I picked up these dudes from Urban Outfitters a while ago – I normally try to avoid shopping there, but I saw these, didn't buy them and regretted it immensely, so when I happened to stop back in two weeks later and there was only one pair left, I knew what I had to do. Really, I'm just angry at myself for not grabbing a pair of We Never Sleep's amazing earrings in the crescent family last year. These ones do have a fun teardrop panel that is cream marble on the front and black enamel on the back, so they are super fun when they're swinging.

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