Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekly Perks e04

Here's the fourth installation of our weekly content farming—or as we like to call it: content curation. 

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Our friend Laura Jane (and her friends Liz and Jen) has an awesome blog called Strawberry Fields Whatever. It's about music and life and everything. I think I may be kindred spirits with Liz based on this one post she wrote called My Top 6 Summertime Muses, which includes the Beastie Boys, the new Cat Power song, and her love for Springsteen.

One of the best articles I've read in a very long time – like, the kind that forced me to reassess life decisions. After reading I Was A Warehouse Wage Slave by Mac McClelland, you'll never feel the same about Amazon et al. again.

I got this incredible Cuchara necklace today from Muttonhead on Ossington. I am completely obsessed. It's big and bright and heavy, and it feels really nice and substantial. 

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I love this picture because it looks like these girls are just having a great time rollerskating and talking shit. I had such an amazing Sunday hanging out with some of my favourite girls and talking lots of shit.

This hair tutorial (which I can't actually embed) shows you how to do two really cool top knots that are perfect for dirty-hair days and the summer heat. I especially love the super-teased bun and how much it looks like a birds nest. The aftermath of backcombing your hair can be really gross, but her tip of slathering it in oil before you shower makes it much easier to comb out. The one caveat of this awesome video, though, is that this cute, cool-glasses, tattooed girl makes a reference to Sideshow Bob and calls him "that crazy guy from the Simpsons." Like, c'mon, don't be lazy. Everyone knows his name. That's really dumb. 

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