Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beauty with the Burgundy Girls

We recently wrote an article that was published in the new vive magazine about some of our favourite beauty icons and we had so much fun with it that we just had to share it with you all. (Also, we had to cut the words down for the mag and wanted to share the full version online.) Check out the real deal by tracking down one of those elusive issues of vive at your favourite boutiques around the city.

Always looking to celebs for beauty inspiration? Us too. We love to take our cues from ladies who are outside the typical beauty box.

The look: The Back-to-Basics

Mariel Hemingway

We love Mariel’s laidback approach to beauty, typified by her cool-girl appearance in Woody Allen’s Manhattan. An easy centre-part, a fresh (read: no makeup) face, and some major eyebrows put her delicate features on display. Don’t be afraid to try this bare-faced look–the strong brow (and maybe a little mascara and blush) will lead the way.

Seen on: This simplicity can be seen on the off-duty looks of Cara Delevingne and Arizona Muse

A modern-day version
 How to:
To fill in those eyebrows, go for Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in “Medium brown”
This two-toned powder will enhance your brows and make them look as naturally full as Mariel’s. Use a thin, angled brush to apply, and finish with a cream or wax to keep everything in place.

Her flawless skin can be mimicked by a full layer of Garnier BB Cream in “Light/Medium”
This stuff–part sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, primer, foundation, and illuminizer–works wonders. Without caking on a lot of product, your skin will look radiant and, most importantly, clear.

A no-nonsense hairstyle is aided by Goody’s Quik Style Paddle Brush
This brush a quick and easy way to get the moisture out your hair while getting those 100 strokes a day.

The lookThe Hot Mess

Courtney Love

With her babydoll dresses, combat boots, and ripped fishnets, Courtney Love’s grunge grrl style took the ‘90s by storm. At once little girl and hard rocker, her rough ’n tumble look straddles that period between being a teenager and a grown up—think “not a girl, not yet a woman,” but with chain-smoking and whiskey. Roll out of bed with last night’s makeup on, smear on some red lipstick, and you’re ready to roll.

Seen on: This disheveled look (and bad-girl lifestyle) seems to come naturally to Taylor Momsen and Charlotte Free

A little more wearable, no?
How to:
Make your lips pop with M.A.C lipstick in “Russian Red”
A bold, bluish red with a matte finish, this lipstick’s got plenty of staying power–perfect for all-nighters. For extra security, apply a liner first–this will stop the colour from smudging out.

Layer your eyes with Stila Smudge Crayon in “Black”
Hate taking off your makeup at night? This thick black pencil is perfect for layering on day after day. But for those who are more feint of heart, applying the kohl to your waterlines and smudging outwards will do the trick.

Muss up your hair with Lakme K.Style Hottest: Chalk
Tap this fragrance-free dust on your roots and rough it up–you get all the matte texture and mega volume of bedhead, without a full 8 hours or a morning tumble in the hay.

The look: The Peacock

Nicki Minaj

This hiphop babe likes to claim she’s not like Barbie, but her style is ripped right from little girls’ scrapbooks–exaggerated everything in technicolor hues, from toes to the top of her teased weaves. This master chameleon is comfortable in every colour, her style speaks to the fantasy of beauty generally, how playing dressup can be artfully done. Embrace her playful attitude by embracing rich colours–this is your time to shine, princess.

Seen on: Other starlets rocking this over-the-top look are cat lady Katy Perry, M.I.A, and the rainbow-hued tresses of Azealia Banks.

Slightly more tame.
How to:
Paint your lids with Makeup Forever Aqua Cream in “21–Turquoise” or “18–Mauve”
We couldn’t decide which was more Ms. Minaj, but either one will do the trick. Since it’s cream eyeshadow, the colour will stay strong and won’t settle in your creases.

Pucker up with Smashbox Be Legendary Lips in “Pout”
Creamy pink lips are a staple for this gal. Make sure to get a highly pigmented colour for super opaque coverage. The more cotton candy coloured the better. You can even put some high shine gloss overtop.

Have some fun with Colour Bug by Kevin Murphy in “Purple”
These solid hair shadows are perfect for changeable colour creatures–in one night, out the next.

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