Monday, April 11, 2011

BUtterfield 8

Ever since Liz Taylor died I've been meaning to watch some of her movies. I've seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and loved it, but Dan didn't want to see it because he's jealous of how much I love Paul Newman. Which he should be.

I wasn't in the mood for the emotional depth of Suddenly, Last Summer and so we settled on BUtterfield 8, a movie starring Liz and her fourth husband Eddie Fisher. After my initial confusion (what's BUtterfield 8? is she a call-girl? why doesn't she take Weston Liggett's money?) I came to really enjoy the film, and appreciate the immortal style of Liz.

Liz plays Gloria, a young woman who sleeps around, steals fur coats, and brushes her teeth with liquor. (Isn't that a lyric in a Ke$ha song?) She always look completely gorgeous and put together, even in the midst of a complete breakdown. Her "job," the way she makes money, is a kind of modelling—putting on fancy designer clothes and showing up at bars to be "seen." (Is this a real job? Can someone get me this job?)

We can see a lot of echos of Gloria in Liz's real life—a glamorous lifestyle, moving from man to man, and looking for the wrong kind of love. Gloria seems confident on the surface, but is really a fragile and shy person, looking for acknowledgement. I was shocked when I saw this video of Liz accepting the Oscar for Best Actress in BUtterfield 8. Liz had the reputation of having a large personality, but in her speech she is nervous and soft-spoken.

(Youtube won't let me share the video but you can click here to watch it.)

Even more fascinating to me, since I've been on a makeup tutorial kick, is this video of Liz putting on her famous eye makeup. This is from a movie called The Driver's Seat which I desperately want to watch. (It's about a mentally disturbed spinster!)

Look at the crazy in those violet eyes!

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