Monday, April 25, 2011

April Mix: Oh Woman, Oh Why + Chiaroscuro

So we discovered this cool little music streaming service called 8tracks, were you can create and stream music mixes really easily. The only catches are you can't have more than two tracks by the same artist or from the same album, and it has to be longer than eight tracks long.

The other night, the night of our roomie dinner, we decided to have a go at it and try making a mix each, based on a lovely image by photographer/artist Ellen Rogers. In particular, Solipsism. We limited ourselves to 8 tracks each (tricky!), and didn't discuss any of our choices with each other, making this a gut-reaction response to the artwork.

Our takes below!


I looked at this picture and saw the carnivalesque: the use of selective lighting is almost like a spotlight, trapping these girls in the middle of a circus ring. Rogers' use of chemicals and other elements of the dark room gives an old fashioned feel to her photos, which I also see mimicked in the hair and makeup of the models. I see them as gymnasts or contortionists from the '30s, sisters at the circus.


First impressions that shaped the mix: contrasting light and dark, Bergman's Persona, séances, Lynch's Lost Highway, womanhood, growing pains, with a hint of danger. The image brought to mind a sense of things moving a little too quickly, of getting caught up in something you don't understand. 'Chiaroscuro' was my go-to phrase when choosing tracks, so it stuck as the title. I hope 8tracks doesn't mix up the order—finding the right balance was tricky with these picks!

Still from Persona via

We also have a version you can download, if you want to take the mixes on the road. Find it HERE.

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