Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stressful times

In times of stress I revert to a very OCD version of myself in order to force some order back into my life. I am currently in one of those times. When I am the busiest with school and work is when my room is clean, I am baking constantly, and washing my face regularly. (The effect of this is awesome, my skin is perfect.) Last night I did a face mask, and turned into a skeleton.

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The following is a list of the top 10 things that you can do to decompress when you are feeling stressed.

1. Listen to Joni and Neil records. Canadian folk is very calming.

2. Paint your nails. Fingers and toes. Choose a light colour for spring! Today I used Essie's California Coral. 

3. Do laundry! There is nothing like curling up in freshly-clean sheets. Also, you are already stressed out and low on time. You don't need another reason to wear the same clothes for three days in a row.  

4. Do all those little hygiene things that you sometimes forget. Take off your makeup before bed! Floss! Brush your hair! Take the control back! I've been watching How to Be a Girl with Jane Feltes, and experimenting with eye makeup.

5. Make yourself congratulatory cups of tea when you have accomplished a task. Honey Bee from David's Tea is a great one. It doesn't have caffeine, but green maté, so it won't give you the jitters from drinking too much of it.

6. Go for a walk to clear your head. It may feel cold but it's going to be spring soon—get outside and get some fresh air. Go explore your neighbourhood! Stop thinking about all the work you have to do. You'll get it done. You might even see a cat outside and then your day will be better.

7. Eat properly. Don't go and get that Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich because you have no time. Your brain needs the right food. I would suggest oatmeal with fruit, lots of water, or even a sandwich with from fresh veggies. It is worth taking the time to make something. You will be able to think more clearly.

8. Make a list of everything that you have to do. You are probably building up all the tasks in your head. There are lots of hours in the day to get things done. By writing it down you'll stop having the responsibilities floating through your head all day.

9. If possible, get the work done somewhere where you enjoy spending time. I have a favourite coffee shop where I love to sit and work. Their Internet is always on the fritz, so I know that I can do there with writing or editing and I can get it done without checking my Twitter. They play records and make great cappuccinos. Acquaintances come in and out. After 5 hours I feel like I've accomplished something, not like I've had my soul sucked out of me.

10. Spoon someone! Cuddling really helps. If you don't have an SO than get a friend. If you don't have a friend, then a pillow will do.    

Feel free to share your stress-busting tips below! 

just read these awesome tips this morning, also very helpful



    I wash dishes!
    I bake cookies!
    I knit and listen to podcasts!
    And I can totally zen out while sweeping. Sweeping is my favourite household chore, for sure.

  2. I want you to coordinate my life!


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