Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Road trip

This August, Dan and I are going on a road trip. I have never been to the south, a place that for me holds some sort of magic that I need to experience. You will hear lots about this trip in the coming months, but for now I would like to share the south as the place that I have made up in my mind.

from here
These are shots from Vogue UK a few years back, and make me want to grow out my hair and get an old, beat up car. I should mention that I don't drive, but I'll have a chauffeur. (Love you, honey!)

Here's another tidbit that makes up my idea of the south. This undeniably sexy video probably isn't even set in the south, but it's carefree: road trip, classic rock, shoplifting, cross dressing, stripping, swimming, and super endearing. It also makes me feel old. I was never that cool in high school.

Anyways, our tentative plan is to end up here.

My mom told me that the only good thing about Graceland today is the gates. But I don't care. I borrowed a book from Amanda a few months ago called Elvis and Me, and I feel totally compelled to see the place where he lived.

Maybe I'll even see his ghost.

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