Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY Nails: Leopard Print

My girl Sara did my nails a couple days ago. They are pink and purple leopard print. As you can see I am very excited about this. I am notoriously bad with nails and makeup and all things girly, but this is really super easy! Here are are the steps Sara used to do my nails. Let each new "coat" dry before moving on to the next one. You're going to need a little brush, even smaller than a nail polish brush, to put the dark ring around the colour. Some sites suggest that you use waterproof liquid eyeliner, but I think a little brush with real polish works better. We used an old lip brush that I haven't used in years.

1. Put on a base coat. Make it fairly light, so the black or other dark colour around the spots shows up well.

2. Put four of five smallish dots of another colour on each nail, depending on the length. 

3. Take a some dark polish onto your new brush. Try to circle around the colour drop a little bit, but don't do all the way around. Try to make each one different, a leopard's spots are not all the same! If the dots are very small, just put small dark marks on opposite sides, the effect will be the same.

Ta da! If you let each coat dry properly, you can just do a little wipe off to fix any mistakes that you've made. I love this style. It's much more fun and personalized than the Sally Hansen stick on polish, although I'm dying to try that too. 

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