Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't you love stockings?

Coz I loooove stockings. I wear plain black stockings almost every day, but lately I feel like branching out. I have recently invested in some cool and fancy ones by a great company called Hansel from Basel. I first heard of H from B when I was Christmas shopping at Robber on Queen Street. I got some really nice stuff for my friends from Robber, and if you haven't been to Robber, well you just haven't lived. They only had a couple of pairs, but I immediately fell for them. 

H from B
 I got these for Amanda and my boss. Cuuuuute! They kind of look like fish scales, but they are called "Curtain tights" and the lines are actually made up of tiny little balls. They remind me of pearls.

H from B
Robber also carried these, and I've been lusting after them. The little spectacles!! Perfect with a simple dress and a pair of oxfords. 

H from B

H from B
 These are the two pairs that I ordered online yesterday. I would have gotten about a hundred more. I went for lighter colours for the warmer weather, and can't stop making outfits for myeslf that involve ivory lace, braided hair, and these stockings. I'm always a fan of accessories that add a bit of interest to an outfit.

Check out the website! Hansel and Basel are a great company run out of LA. Their stockings and socks bring a bit of fun and colour to everyday life, which is something I think we all need.

I received Hansel and Basel's Sock of the Month email this morning and the spectacle tights are this month's pick! That means they're only $16 for April – find them here. —Amanda

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