Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Things That, Yes, I Did This Week

I've been running late all week. I can't seem get on top of my to-do list, I've never had enough coffee, and I still don't have a Halloween costume. So, rather than think about everything I haven't done, I'm going to focus on five things that I have.

1. I made this pulled pork from the Pioneer Woman, and damn, was it good.

Plentiful too – I made it on Sunday and we've had it for dinner almost every night this week (including one evening with chief knitting pals, Steph and Karen). I cooled the sauce separately and removed the fatty layer, but next time I'd reduce the sauce too, and give it a thicker consistency. We might try it on pizza tomorrow.

2. I finally finished this little bow scarf.

I apologize that I've only got this grainy Photobooth pic, but I knew I had to document it at the moment of completion or it wouldn't exist online for at least another month (I started knitting this last January, for an idea of how timely I am). This is a gift for someone, so I won't say who for in case she reads this. Her price for the scarf will be for her to model it for me properly.

This was a great little knit – very straightforward with a tweedy worsted yarn in a garter stitch, and if I had given it the proper dedication, I'd imagine it knits up quickly. It would make for a good beginner's project, as it covers some basic techniques (increasing, decreasing) in a short and simple little scarf. It's a free pattern too, so you might want to knit one up for yourself (or as a last minute gift idea!)

3. I finally threw out the nasty old makeup remover I'd been using since university (six years ago, blech!) and replaced it with this Clean & Clear Soothing Oil-Free Makeup Remover.

It works well and gets the job done, but I'm just really happy now that I don't feel grossed every time I get fed up with wearing days worth of mascara. It was like $10, guys. Why didn't I do this sooner? Do you have any products in your medicine cabinet should have met their maker long ago? Take it from me – treating yourself is so worth it.

As a sidenote, buying Clean & Clear made me feel prepubescent all over again, but without the mood swings.

4. This is one thing I haven't done, but I'm proud of myself for not doing. That is, spend too much money on a knitting kit from Wool & The Gang. Specifically, this sweater kit:

This pretty much THE SWEATER I have been looking for this fall. But the thing is it's like, $150 dollars for a sweater you knit yourself. That's crazy talk. And no, the yarn is not spun out of the hairs collected from angels or qiviut or something – it's plain ol' wool. It doesn't even specify if it's merino. And while I'm sure the wooden needles are nice, I think I already own a pair of 15mms. I just can't justify that.

I asked The Gang if I could buy the pattern separately, which I cannot, and I'd want to adapt the pattern anyway (not a fan of those reversed stockinette sleeves). So I've found yarn that I LOVE that will make a nice sub (that yarn alone is going to be $90, but at least it's Malabrigo), and I'm just going to design it myself. Should be easy peasy (famous last words?), as soon as I save up the pennies to buy the yarn.

5. Speaking of pennies, I did this super rad moon manicure that I never want to remove.

I used American Apparel's Summer Peach and Revlon's Copper Penny, which is just slightly less coppery and slightly more rose gold with a touch of white shimmer. I did a moon mani tutorial a few months ago if you'd like to try this out (apparently I like using Summer Peach for this!)


  1. The preamble to this recipe is THE BEST: It came to me in a vision, but then again so did the decision to get a basset hound. AHA. I'm going to try this, it looks so good.

    Also, I always want to try your manicures, but I have itsy bitsy nails, oops.

    And lastly- I have to mention Lush, if you need to revamp your skin care regime or whatever. They have really good toners and face washes- and they all have the date they were made and when they expire (due to lack of preservatives). I worked there, and although their policies are weird and prices are higher, I'm a total convert.

  2. The Pioneer Woman is food porn at its best. I love that she has a running commentary as she cooks! And her recipes are all SO tasty looking.

    Short nails are so well suited to weird nail colours. I used to be a serious nail biter and sometimes short is the only way to pull off crazy colours without looking like a scary talon lady.

    I used to use Lush regularly until they discontinued my fave moisturizer (Almond Kisses). That Eau Roma stuff is really good though – thanks for reminding me to pick some up!


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