Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving Thanks


I really like the sentiment behind Thanksgiving. It's probably one of the most valuable holidays we've got, when taken as a moment to reflect on all that we're lucky enough to have (over a huge feast, no less!). It becomes hard to see sometimes, when you're in the thick of daily life, but if you're able to read this blog that I wrote as a luxury, when you have enough time to use the internet as a luxury, it's a testament to how good we've got it.

What am I thankful for today?

Turning 25
Sometime, maybe not far from now, I'll lament not being younger. (I know a lot of people, even at my age, do, which seems so bizarre – 25 is young!) But for now, it just feels like life is getting better with each passing year. I'm getting to know myself better, and I'm better honing the direction I'm taking my life. I'm growing more in tune with myself. Thank you for giving me the time to feel like my past is deep, and I have a future that (fingers crossed) is even deeper. And maybe that sounds cheesy, but it feels really good. It feels healthy and positive to like the age I am. I'm not always great about enjoying the moment, but this is one that feels really good.

The Internet
My companion, my omnipotent answer field, my creative outlet. You bring so many connections and ideas my way, and you ask nothing but a little power and whatever time I'll throw your way. Also, my life is increasingly interconnected with you, which feels weird, but it's really convenient, so thank you. As much as I love my dog, you truly are man's best friend.

People making cool shit and sharing it
Thank you for challenging me. Thank you for making me up my game. Thank you for showing me new and beautiful things and words that entertain me and inspire me to make cool shit myself. Even if I don't know your name because it's one of those nameless Tumblr photos that circulate, you rock my world, even if only for a moment. You help me feel inspired, and that is so generous.

My family and friends
An oldie, but with good reason. Thanks for fun times and great memories. Thanks for letting me be silly with you, and sad with you, and smart with you. Thanks for loving me as I am, and for having patience with me. Thanks for being there for me to love, and for me to practice being patient. For new friends, thank you for hanging out with me, because I think you're so cool and can't wait to get to know you better. For old friends, I don't see you enough, but thanks for not needing much maintenance, and thanks for being exactly the same when we do get to hang out – that's so refreshing.

Thank you for supporting my endeavors, thanks for collaborating with me, and thanks for reading this blog. Even if I don't know you, I consider you a friend for doing that. You'll never know how much it means to me.

Disney World
Thanks for being there when times get rough. It's nice to know there's a magical place where nothing goes wrong that's only a plane ride away. You are fantasy made true, and it's good to have dreams that attainable.

My roommates and partners-in-crime, Daniel and Charlie
You guys are the best, full stop. Thanks for making my home the place I most want to be in the world. Thank you for letting me give you belly rubs, and I love you both a million times over.

Even if you're not Canadian and celebrating a day off like us today,
take a moment to reflect on some of the things you're grateful for.
It's the cheapest thrill you'll find.

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