Friday, October 14, 2011

Golden Girls Fashion pt. 1

I had the idea for this series while I was falling asleep a few nights ago, and I still haven't decided whether it's totally awesome or just a really bizarre mixing together of things I love. Both Amanda and I always strive to post things on burgundy girls that we ourselves would like to see on the blogs that we read, and so without further introduction here is something that maybe you thought you would never see in your life and maybe never wanted to.

If the characters in the Golden Girls could be best represented by any of the Spring 2012 runways shows, I found myself wondering, which shows would they be? After watching every episode of every season I feel like I know the girls' style as well as they do. I know the show ended almost 20 years ago (how is that possible?!) but in my mind they are stuck wearing so many dated prints and bright colours (I won't even mention the rhinestone-encrusted gowns I've seen them in). It was a pleasure to bring the girls into 2012.

Today I will talk about the golden girl who is closest to my own heart, and whose affinity for forearms I wholeheartedly share.

Dorothy and Christophe Lemaire: 

Dororthy is long and lean, and is really able to pull of loose and drapey clothing. This dress would be a perfect staple her her, best suited to grocery shopping with her Ma or hanging around the house with her best gals. If she put on some bangles and a pair of drop earrings she would totally wear it on a casual date.

While this might be a tad casual for the classroom, it mimics Dorothy's menswear-inspired blazers and slacks. It might be a little too risque for her to wear the blazer without anything underneath, but we'd just tell her "Hey! Live a little!"

Another blazer, this time with a wider, palazzo-style pant. I know this is another black outfit but can you imagine how her silver hair would pop against all the dark colours? Perfection. Notice the sleeves, a little long for Dorothy but she could get them taken up.

Another perfect menswear-inspired piece. This would be for those extra hot and muggy days in Miami, as most of the time ladies of a certain age do not like to show their arms. With this outfit you can really see the Japanese inspiration that Lemaire had in mind, which I think mixes well with Dororthy's laid-back, covered-up, billowy but chic sensibilities. 

Check back soon for the next instalment!

All pictures (except of Bea Arthur) from WWD.

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