Monday, October 3, 2011

Jesus Christ Superstar

So I went to Stratford, Ontario this past weekend to see, you guessed it, JCSS. I was super pumped because Dan had never seen it before, and I always think of taking boyfriends to musicals as a kind of relationship test, because if someone can love me after seeing me get emotional/seat dance/grin like a fool the entire time then they're probably a good guy. I already knew Dan was a good guy... but he passed. 

I've got to tell you, though, that I was really disappointed. People have been telling me for weeks that the show is getting great reviews, and so I went in expecting something a long the lines of this.

What we saw instead was closer to this.

Basically, it sucked. Now call me a purist—embarrassing as that is—but it just wasn't right. I even enjoyed the production from a few years ago better, the one with the original Jesus (no not that one, but Ted Neely, where he took about 10 minutes to die.) If you haven't seen the movie before, go see it, you might like it, it's entertaining. If you have seen the movie, you're ruined for this production. Go see Twelfth Night instead. 

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