Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lightin' Up the Interwebs

A few things that have been on my radar of late:

– This great article on The Atlantic by Kate Bolick, All the Single Ladies. She looks into why women tend to remain single longer now, and how economic trends have radically changed social institutions like marriage. Seriously – it'll take you about a half hour to read, but you'll be at least three times more interesting at your next dinner party (all the better to hook one of those elusive "marriageable men," amirite?)

Kate Bolick, via

– I'm still in the middle of it, but this Walrus article on How Toronto Lost Its Groove has a lot of hard research and sad facts about the state of life in Toronto – rising costs of living, unemployment, congestion, and civic unrest plague a city that still offers some of Canada's best living opportunities. Let's get it together, guys!

– When I went to Target in Florida last month, I walked around with this totally sweet banana costume for Charlie in my cart for an hour and then at the last minute, I put it back. Why? Because I was dumb and cheap and "is it really worth $10?" YES. IT IS. YOU FOOL.


– I am obsessed with cross-stitchable iPhone cases. No, really, they exist, and I need one in my life, stat.

via The Purl Bee

– Last week, Laura and I went to a crafting event at Bicyclette, co-hosted by Eat.Live.Shop., where we made bracelets and met some fellow bloggers, like Carlie of Friends in my Closet. There were cupcakes and many bottles of wine and lots of admiring Bicyclette's pretty baubles to be had. Below is a pic Carlie posted of my bracelet, which has yet to leave my wrist.
via Friends in my Closet

– I just discovered we have a George Foreman grill. We've had it at our house for months, and I didn't know because I'm still unpacking boxes (oops!). So far I've used it as a panini press and cooked a salmon steak on it – any other suggestions? This is a whole new glorious world of fast, healthy dinners!

– I've been dreaming of this Magic Sauce from 101 Cookbooks since I saw it on Pintrest. I want to cook all of my eggs in it. I want to put it on all my salads. I want to dip crusty bread in it. Let's live in bliss together.
via 101 Cookbooks

What's lighting your fire lately, buds?


  1. It was so great to meet you both! I love the way your bracelet turned out!

  2. It was great to meet you too! Thanks for hosting such a rad soiree – we'll definitely have to come to the next one too!


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